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with the company's business strategy and development

: no agreement yesterday, Li Ning, the HKEx issued to clarify the announcement, said: In line with the company's business strategy and development needs, the company will always consider sports-related sponsors and consultations and strive for, the company currently does not have any new clarification Sports sponsorship air jordan 3  agreement. CBA club too poor flow of oil smoke CBA this bonanza were oil-rich, but unfortunately, CBA the club but too poor to smoke. Statistics show that the 2011-2012 season 17 CBA team total investment of 645 million yuan, the average investment in each team about 38 million yuan. Among them, the club team named fee income mainly from ticket sales, sponsorship and Basketball Arena constitute dividends,
the sum of income is generally not more than 15 million yuan. 38 million yuan minus 15 million yuan, an average of 23 million yuan each club's deficit.After the end of last season CBA league, Yao told the outside world, "said the 2011-2012 season, we have a loss of 20 million yuan, over the past three years, a total loss of 65 million yuan." Even the men's basketball team in Guangdong, also failed to rely on market operations to break even. "It really makes the Guangdong team a few years to break even, and after winning all levels of government and sponsors award this season Guangdong team did not win,
 I guess we have a loss." A CBA club manager bluntly. Why this loss each CBA club, the air jordan 6 club generally believe that the main reason for the CBA Basketball Association monopolize a lot of resources for business promotion, for example, for various reasons, can not take a slice of the club in television fees;? Another example, All Division prominently billboards, all packaged sales by the CBA, all signed CBA Basketball Association sponsors, have strict exclusion clause ...... sponsored by Nike, the company's second session of the "fight away Greenery" China Division Finals selection activities May 31 blow retreat in Shanghai Pudong Century Park soccer field, after the Beijing, Guangzhou,