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Neymar, etc., highlighting their personality.

young football players have received the highest level of guidance. Currently there are six people received professional team contract. In the final event, highlighting the football culture and fashion "Nike Barbershop" is also very impressive, as Nike global brand campaign this summer part of the "time waits for My Time is Now" and "Nike barber shop" for young people like football A unique way to show themselves, four players after the game to win here and created a hairstyle like their favorite players, incarnation Balotelli, Neymar, etc., highlighting their personality. 
China's Li Ning, Nike, why did not become the following areas in which we can explore the reasons:? Popularity has nothing to do with the number of stores from the first history, we and foreign Nike or Adidas gap. Adidas was founded in 1948, Nike was founded in 1972; and Lining Cheng stand in 1990, Anta was established in 1994. Single comparator from the "age", we do not predominate. Furthermore, in how to create awareness for the sports brand awareness in adidas 11pro trx fg China, "Li Ning" who the existence of errors, has been using sales to build awareness. Therefore, China's sports 
brand is very concerned about the expansion of the number of stores, the main focus on multi-shop, the more sales, relative to foreign brands, it is very easy to overlook the quality of the management level and every single store every product . Sports brand among the audience and other consumers are different, they will not see more than   adidas predator instinct fg the number of shops which brand to go buy their products, they pay more attention to product functionality, comfort and so these aspects. "Shops plan" is actually on the domestic sports brands, more harm than good. First, in order to rapidly expand the number of stores, inevitably, an important factor in the location of some of these shops, quality, quality franchisees abandon, while Nike and Adidas is more emphasis on the


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