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be emphasized is that the Olympics is not the world's

 quality of the store, for example, select a location, the level of the shop, of carefully selected franchisees and so on. Quick way will inevitably lead to a decline in quality and taste. Also, thousands of stores this figure refers mostly open in the country, in a foreign country only a handful of Chinese sports brand shop, let alone influence. Olympic marketing is a "small minority" from the event marketing point of view, Nike and Adidas occupy the world's most influential  cheap toms shoes  business sponsorship of sporting events. Needs to be emphasized is that the Olympics is not the world's 
most influential business events, can only be classified as a "niche" events. In fact, in Europe, football, basketball, Super Bowl (Super Bowl) is the most popular and the most popular commercial investment value sports. Just-concluded Champions League, Chelsea and Bayern ultimate showdown attracted 160 million worldwide television viewers, statistics UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) shows that there are at least 220 countries, the audience watched the Chelsea and Bayern collision, television viewers watching the game totaled approximately 300 million. This is by far the largest audience in 2012 to attract sporting events. And at the end of February New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl game, 
also got the attention of 111 million television viewers worldwide. Chinese sports brand engagement event marketing is still the majority remain in the "niche" events on the Champions League, the American Basketball League, etc. These European and American mainstream sports stadium sponsor list and, rarely seen Chinese sports toms shoes mens Brand shadow, Nike and Adidas are completely occupied the sponsor of these games, large and small. Because our sponsorship of sports brands can not occupy the mainstream international sporting events, so its influence in the world of nature to be weak. Design and development of pursuing a "ism" for sports brands, is also important,


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